Baskin Robbins Flavor-of-the-Month: Bourbon Street Pecan Pie

November 2018. Baskin Robbins flavor-of-the-month is full of Pecan Pie.

Simply saying the words awaken memories of the flavor, the chef who made it, the unique smell of it baking. A signature in the American South, a tradition on many Thanksgiving dinner tables, and now a decadent Fall ice-cream.

The Baskin Robbins team joined forces with celebrity chef and cookbook author Carla Hall to create November's flavor-of-the-month.

Bourbon Street Pecan Pie.
Celebrating Carla's Southern style, this decadent new flavor features bourbon butter pecan ice cream, loaded with roasted pecans, pie crust pieces, and a bourbon caramel-flavored swirl.

You can get this special flavor all month long! Delicious as a simple scoop in a cup or a cone, it's also available in Baskin Robbins very special Turkey Cake!

You can find Baskin Robbins in the Dimond Center. They are located right near Best Buy.


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