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Honoring Our Armed Forces


This month is Military Appreciation Month around the country and here at Dimond Center we want to honor all those who are serving and those who have served in the past.

One of the reasons the military is important to everyone at Dimond Center is that Joe Ashlock, Dimond Center's founder, was a World War II veteran who served in the Pacific. Also we recogonize the fact that the military are a valued community in Alaska and they have made lasting contributions in the past and continue to do so today.

In 2003 Joe put up what was, at the time, the largest flag in the State of Alaska. Over a hundred feet up in the air, the flag flies 50 by 30 feet, it is now an iconic part of Dimond Center and the neighborhood around it. For the flag's dedication, local US Air Force airmen were the first to raise it.

At the foot of the flag there is an inscription that reads, “Our dedication to the U.S. Armed Forces & all those who have served.” It is dedicated to all on behalf of Dimond Center & all its employees in gratitude to those who serve.

This year to honor those who serve Dimond Center is partnering with Operation Gratitude to collect letters of appreciation to service men & women. Dimond Center is supplying free stationary & will mail all the letters collected from now until May 31 at Guest Services (by Wells Fargo). You can drop letters off at our Information desk or write your letter there with free stationary provided. You write the letter, Dimond Center takes care of the rest including postage and delivery to Operation Gratitude. More information.


Dimond Center is not alone in its appreciation, many of our tenants show their gratitude for all year long by offering discounts or special rates at their businesses, see listing.


From all of us at Dimond Center – thank you for your service!